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Welcome to SongScribe

SongScribe is a song editor program especially designed to support the music composed by Maestro Sri Chinmoy. Sri Chinmoy wrote over 22,000 songs in Bengali, English, Sanskrit and French.

This package consists of three different programs:


  • Song Writer is the main program used to create song files. In that program you can edit, play back and export songs as image, MIDI or PDF files.
  • Song Book creates pages from songs, text and images. Because of its flexibility the user can create simple pages of songs, entire song books or even CD booklets.
  • Song Show creates a slide show from song files. This is not just an ordinary slide show of images, but in this program you can also play back the music in full screen mode.


Song Writer

  • Edit, play back and print music using the music conventions popular among students of Sri Chinmoy.
  • Supports 128 instrument on playback.
  • Export music as MIDI music file.
  • Export music as ABC file
  • Export music as image (GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP).
  • Export music as PDF for high quality use.
  • Supports editing with mouse and keyboard.
  • A lot of view-adjustment of music.
  • Supports lyrics on a high level.

Song Show

  • Displays and plays back songs in full-screen mode.
  • Stores groups of songs for slide show.


Song Book

  • Creates a document (song book) from groups of songs, text and images.
  • Tools for moving, resizing, formating objects.
  • Various page-layouts.
  • Export as high quality PDF for printing or press use.



SongScribe 1.19 for Windows




SongScribe 1.20 for Mac OS X


Source code – Platform independent

To build the latest version of SongScribe from source, you will need git, maven, and Java JDK 1.6:

git clone
cd SongScribe
mvn clean package
cd target/dist
java -jar songscribe.jar

You will need Java runtime 1.5 to run SongScribe.